Well. From Slate: your latest example of 45 having absolutely no human empathy and viewing all policy as transactional. I’m not astonished, but it’s another reminder of just how odious he is in being unable to see a person as human unless that person is right under his nose, and even then it’s questionable.


The TLDR here is that Trump has come right out and said that the Turkish invasion of Kurdish territory was required to get the Kurds to fold and cede land - because if the Kurds hadn’t had experienced physical violence, they wouldn’t have “made a deal.” He goes on to expound on other awful policy - take the oil, just a lot of sand, they’re no angels, etc., such that this notion of violence = good policy is hardly out of character for him. But it is a new low for US foreign policy, imo.

William Saletan paraphrases an ultimate consequence here beyond the war crimes themselves as “The danger to America under Trump isn’t that the bad guys won’t fear us anymore. It’s that we’ll be the bad guys.” Welcome to the bandwagon, I guess? He must have enjoyed the 2000s. However, I suppose this is the first time that a head of state has enthusiastically embraced being the bad guys as the goal.

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